Creating Our Planet 
Go Green Week is the national series of events celebrating all that is ethical, environmental and social justice within UK universities.
‘Creating Our Planet’ exhibition and film screening was a platform for artists making work in response to and actively engaging with climate and ecological perspectives and issues. The open call set-up aims to bring people and communities together to form a network of individuals: fostering and enabling positive action to challenge climate change in Glasgow's creative community, the wider Glaswegian community and beyond.
The artists were asked to create work under any discipline for the exhibition part of this project, exploring what can be said after COP26. The exhibition took place at Box Hub (North St.) on the 9th and 10th of April 2022.
The artists included - 
Amy Naomi, Groves Bridie Gane, Kathleen Crilly, Emily Wood, Harriet Foster, Jasmin Robertson, Leena Lee, Samantha Denyer, Sofia Caers, Monica Tate, Priya Foster, Semjon Fehr and Greer Pester
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