If these Tress could Talk

little ghost, tall 
oriental sycamore 
the one i adore
entangled camo
the london plane tree
so much to see
very free

If these Trees could Talk tells a story rooted in research-based artwork, aiming to transcend fixed outcomes while exploring the complexities inherent in speculative domains. The London Plane, the protagonist, is a tree that fell in Soho Square, London—an emblematic focal point for analysis—succumbing to root rot and raising critical questions about the entanglement of climate change within our ecological systems. Through this installation, the tree's essence is rejuvenated using audio, painting, and digital mediums.
The London Plane Tree (Platanus x hispanica) is a non-native tree: a hybrid of the Oriental plane (P. orientalis) and the American sycamore (P. occidentalis). The mottled olive, brown, and grey bark breaks away in large flakes to reveal new yellow-colored bark underneath. This process cleanses the tree of pollution that has been stored in the outer bark. The London plane is valued for its ability to adapt to urban conditions and its resistance to pollution, making it the most common tree in London.
As this tree extends its roots from the physical into the digital realm, the boundaries between human, technology, and ecological systems blur. The immersive audio takes audiences on a journey—from mycelium-tree root electrical signals to the xylem tubes that transport water from roots to the tree's crown. Within the network of mycorrhizal fungi, we witness the dissolution of self-boundaries—illustrating that we are all porous, interconnected, and entangled.
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