Artificial intelligence has become a common topic in various levels of society. Some are concerned about the future of it, meanwhile, others speculate on its current usage. Nevertheless, there is something many are overlooking which is the different data sets that this new intelligence is being fed. 

Revelation is an interactive installation whose purpose is to show the impact of specific datasets on an AI. This installation takes place as a confessionary where you can talk with God. The Revelations God is an AI that was trained on a confined dataset; the Bible. The process consisted of fine-tuning a neural network originally developed by Open.AI.

To conclude, the Revelations confessional box is intended to provoke the user’s curiosity as to where data comes from and who’s behind it.  One can compare confessing their sins to a priest, to willingly releasing all their information to tech companies. Alternatively, it can also be compared to a parody of a conversation with a fanatic. 
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