Wunderkammer Project - Walking Through the Place, 2022
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
The project Wunderkammer, an international curatorial programme of satellite exhibitions across Sweden, Thailand, South Korea and the U.K. featuring the work of 46 GSA graduates.
Blurred Beings, 2021
Oil on Linen, Plaster, Lichen
Thinking through nature, technologies and organisms, and their many metaphors, we question what constitutes what it means to be an autonomous individual. Confronting the confusion in the concept of identity forces us to question where one organism ends and another begins.
Are we nature? Where do organisms end and machines begin? How far has technology penetrated the membrane of the skin of all organisms? Are the boundaries are too leaky?

Molecular and Ultra Structural Biological Scents, 2021
Scented Hand-Sanitiser
The hand-sanitiser is a replica of the scents of fungi and bacteria - the organisms that symbiotically work together to make up a lichen.
Exploration on reversing the marginalisation of the olfactory senses in art and unpacking the cultural baggage of scent and the tight bundling of smell and the dissociation between nature and humans - 'bio-politics of the senses'.

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